Mount Blue, Franklin County, Maine

Location: Mount Blue Road
Weld, ME 04285

Parking for Mount Blue:
Facts: Mount Blue is a 3,192 feet high mountain and the name giver of Mount Blue State Park. The Mount Blue Trail to the summit is 1.6 miles long.
My two cents: We hiked Mount Blue in May and the gate was closed so we had to park the car at the side of the road in front of the gate. A about 2.5 mile long dirt road takes you right to the Mount Blue Trail (and the parking lot). The trail is pretty steep and rocky and depending on the season you have to be prepared for a lot of snow and slippery rocks. When we hiked up Mount Blue there was still about 1.5 ft of snow on the way up (bot not on the summit).
Things to do nearby: Mount Blue State Park, Tumbledown Mountain
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road leading to mount blue trail

mount blue

beginning of mount blue trail

steep rocky mount blue trail

view from top of mount blue

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