Saddleback Jr. & Piazza Rock, Franklin County, Maine

Location: Main Street
Franklin, Maine 04970
(If you come from Franklin, it's about 7 miles and the parking lot will be on your right)

Parking for Saddleback Jr. and Piazza Rock:
Facts: Saddleback Junior is 3,655 feet above sea level
My two cents: If you're looking for a nice hike through the woods, climb up Saddleback Junior. On the way you'll find some platforms for tents, if you want to spend the night. Aproximately 1.5 miles up the mountain you can take a little detour and take the Piazza Rock trail, which leads you to the Piazza Rock, a big, flat overhanging rock. It's quite interesting and you can also climb on the rock. If you haven't had enough when you reach the top of Saddleback Jr., keep walking and climb up The Horn to experience one of the best views over the beautiful State of Maine.
Things to do nearby: The Horn, Mount Abraham
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saddleback jr and saddleback horn from the road

pond on saddleback jr

piazza rock

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