Pleasant Mountain, York/Cumberland County, Maine

Location: Wilton Warren Road
Denmark, ME 04022

Parking for Pleasant Mountain:
Facts: The summit of Pleasant Mountain is 2,006 feet above sea level.
My two cents: The Firewarden's Trail starts at Wilton Warren Road, next to a little parking lot in front of a rock wall. The hiking trail leads you through the woods and splits into two trails after about 2.3 miles: Bald Peak Trail which takes you to a sub-peak and Firewarden's Trail which takes you the main summit (only 0.2 miles from that point) from where you have a great view over the mountains of western Maine. There's a tower on the main summit but it was closed when we got there. (Be prepared for mosquitoes, esp. around the bodies water in the woods)
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firewarden's trail

bridge on firewarden's trail

view from summit of pleasant mountain

mountains of western maine

on top of pleasant mountain

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