Mount Abraham, Franklin County, Maine

Location: East Madrid, ME 04966

Directions to Mount Abraham, Maine:
The Southside trailhead of Mount Abraham is difficult to find. Get detailed directions with maps here.

Parking for Mount Abraham:
Facts: The summit of Mount Abraham is 4,050 feet above the sea level.
My two cents: Don't confuse Mount Abraham with Mount Abram! It's a nice trail through the woods and the last part to the summit is steep and rocky (be careful, the rocks move ;-)) On clear days you can see very far from the top of Mount Abraham. It's one of my favorite mountains even though it's very windy up there.
Things to do nearby: The Horn, Saddleback Jr & Piazza Rock
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mount abraham from the road

summit of mount abraham

rock piles on top of mount abraham

neighbor mountains of mount abraham

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