Borestone Mountain, Piscataquis County, Maine

Location: Mountain Rd (aka Elliottsville Rd)
Piscataquis County, Maine

Directions to Borestone Mountain:
From Willimantic, Maine follow Mountain Road (aka Elliottsville Rd) North, bear right at the intersection of Elliottsville Rd and Mountain Rd, cross the train tracks (after about 5.5 miles from Willimantic) and the parking lot is about 0.2 miles after the tracks on the left.
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Parking for Borestone Mountain:
Facts: Borestone Mountain's elevation is 1947 ft.
My two cents: The hike to the summit of Borestone Mountain is approx. 3 miles and about half of it is along a dirt road. On the way up you pass a beautiful lake from where you can see the summit. The last part of the trail is steep rocks but there are iron rungs to assist hikers.
Things to do nearby: n/a (Do you know things to do nearby?)
Links: Maine Audubon

borestone mountain welcome sign

sunrise pond on borestone mountain

sunrise pond from the summit of borestone mountain

view over franklin county

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